Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today's prompt was to write something about 'never' - as I'm getting older, I'm running smack dab into 'never' pretty often now... never retire comes to mind, although I can barely stand to think about that... here goes...

Facing Never

Never came again today, took
three of my best dreams right
off the shelf where

I was keeping them until I had
the time, money, and energy,
to use them

the older I get, the more often
he comes, I think I’ll take my
last few dreams

and hide them in my sock
drawer with my secret stash
of chocolate

1 comment:

  1. really liked your poem and thought about the never comingto take away.
    and as for your qeaustion in 3WWi guess it is better to give comments which are in the light way, i mean, good or constructive. as for my self, sometimes i feel very strange with this no 'bed' comments policy of most of the readers, though, i must admit, i fall into to it as well at most times.
    great day