Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TWW - Karma

Karma Waits

you get what you deserve, mama warns,
karma hides under the bed, counting

to ten, to a million, waits, for tables to turn,
then delighted, jumps out, gotcha!

it will shout, deliver a finger-wagging lecture,
never, ever forget, I am always right behind you,

I see what you do, I hear what you think,
don’t cover your ears, there is no escape,

no, go away, I reply, you are not welcome,
but karma does not obey, our eyes lock,

a stare-down, within minutes I sag, guilt-
withered as always, I am first to look away

Sunday, November 1, 2009

MYM November 2

Mural on the side of the Human Rights Education Center building in Boise.  The mural was apparently conceived and executed by a group of junior high students in 2008.   It is located next to a 'garden of quotes' called the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.  I spent a very interesting and contemplative hour there recently.  It was really very nicely done.  I am not sure what Boise's connection to Anne Frank is, maybe she is just a symbol for their cause.