Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is it..

Vacation is over, back to work tomorrow, so the knitting frenzy will slow down while I go back to teaching and preparing for the trip to ID. 
So this is my last dog dress.  Tomorrow I will Priority mail them to Yvonne, and hopefully she will find someone, among her flock of 10 chihuahua's, who will fit into them and be able to use them. I look forward to some feedback on sizing and placement of leg holes...  This ruffled dress was interesting as I had to pick up the stitches that had been previously knit, and then add stitches to make the ruffle.  I thought the ruffles might be too 'heavy', but maybe not.  Yvonne will have to let me know how it works on a real dog.  I think this turned out cute, but the variegated yarn didn't work too well on such a small item.  I had the same problem when I mad a baby hat with the same yarn.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My own design...

I liked my striped hat, so I decided to try the same thing with a dog sweater... then I wasn't sure how many stripes I could fit into the length, and only went with three... then I didn't know if I should have the stripes at the top, plain at the bottom or vice versa.  After I decided to put the stripes at the top, I didn't know if I should try and stripe the front piece... So, this was very much a learning experience.     I don't know if I made all the right the choices, but it still came out pretty cute I think.   I'll see what Yvonne says when she tries it on a real dog...