Monday, April 13, 2009

Sew What?

Today we had to write about a hobby.... so (YVONNE) guess what I picked? You might recognize the inspiration for this if you ever came to my blog!

Sew what?

straight stitches bind together,
zigzags prevent raveling, long
loose stitch allows gathering,
adds fullness, adorn with lace
ribbon, buttons, bows, or don’t,
sometimes plain is better, cleaner,
not every dog is a diva like you,
with a closet full of canine couture,
how do you decide what to wear
to the senior center on Fridays, to
the hospital on Tuesdays, to read
with second-graders in Sebastopol,
your demanding service schedule
boggles, is it any wonder you’re not
comfortable wearing the same thing
twice, keeps me busy, but as you say,
sew what!

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