Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today we had to write about an 'event' - I don't do 'events' so I had to dig pretty far back to find a memory related to this - started writing it, lost control as usual - when the last bit came out I was appalled at first, then I thought it was funny, am leaving it alone for now....

Company Party

long time ago, when corporate still allowed
Christmas, when open-bars were standard,
when we’d never heard of designated drivers

all glammed up, with our poofy layers of hair,
aircraft carrier shoulder pads, we hit the party
to see who would play this year’s fool, I felt

hot, no, foxy!, in my one-piece electric-blue
jumpsuit, carried a little beaded purse, empty
except for ID, lipstick, car-keys, twenty

emergency dollars, straight to the bar, hit up
the man in the white shirt for a Fuzzy Navel,
sucked it down through a little red straw,

again, again, woke up in my own bed next day,
pictures say I had a great time, kissed Santa,
danced with the boss, drove home pregnant

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