Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today's prompt was to write about a routine, so if you want to know what it's like around here, every single morning, the below is an ode to our dog, Harley. A wonderful , if somewhat opinionated creature.

Daily Instruction Manual
6:30 AM

Get up. Use the bathroom. If you
close the door, it will be nudged open.
Closed doors are not approved.

You may dress, although it is clear
this is seen as pointless. Slip-on
shoes are preferred. Socks are seen

as an unreasonable delay. Grab
the bag. Unlock the front door. Exit
across the parking lot to your

first stop. Wait. Walk west, slowly.
Up to five minutes of sniffing will
be tolerated before you may insist

on the second stop. Wrap results
in the bag. Visit the dumpster. Return
home. Refresh the water supply.

Provide a nourishing breakfast. Sit
on the north end of the couch- NOT
THE CHAIR! Make lap available.

Up to five minutes of petting will
be tolerated before he may insist
on leaving for the coffee shop.

OWN COFFEE! Enter the garage.
Open the car door, stand back, you

may enter last. Provide chauffeur service,
opening passenger window at slow points
to allow multi-sensory observation

of morning activities. Return home.
Open the patio door to allow full access.
You may now get on with your day.

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