Saturday, April 18, 2009


Took Harley out on the boat for the first time today. We weren't sure how he'd take to it, he's not a water dog (he had a bit of an unfortunate experience as a puppy when he chased a bird right into the lake - totally surprised when he was suddenly swimming - hilarious) but he did very well. Spent most of the time in my lap, but we put a towel down by Dale, and sometimes he sat there.

On the 30 days of poetry side, today's prompt was to write a poem about an interaction... as it turns out I had done just that first thing this morning - and who was I interacting with? Well....

Go Lay Down

You’re bugging me, big brown eyes with a spark
of excitement, ridiculous pointy ears tipping left
then right, yes I said ‘go’, no, I didn’t mean now

really, go away, I’m busy, I have a dozen chores
to complete without you under my feet at every
turn, faithfully following just in case this is now

good dog, lay down, front paws crossed, long chin
resting on top, big brown eyes disappointed under
stubby dog lashes, you sigh, I sigh, arms crossed,

what about the dishes, the shopping, what about
the laundry, the banking, I haven’t even made the bed,
pointy ears pop up, irresistible, I sigh, you smile

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