Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pelicans and Dolphins

Long boat ride today - Sarasota to Fort Myers - about 5 hours on the water - saw bunches of dolphin and of course pelicans... I miss pelicans now that we don't live as close to the water.

We stopped at the Gasparilla Boat Club for gas, and had lunch at their Waterside Grill. Dale said the Margarita's were good, I know the Grouper Fingers were great (of course I was starving)...
So what does this post have to do with Dolphins? Well, we saw a bunch of those too - and today's poetry prompt was to pick an animal, make that the title and go from there. Here's mine:


Twenty- three we counted today, you,
the first, the best, the closest, drafted
in our wake. I welcomed you and called
you ‘baby’. You looked me twice in the eye.
I’d like to think you recognized in me
a kindred, open soul, I’d like to think the
sight of me lifted your spirit the way
you lifted mine, I’d like to think that
if I jumped in we could be friends, you’d
teach me how to jump straight up and
out of the water, the best places to surf,
but I’m not as na├»ve as you might think,
I know you were really just hoping for
free fish

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