Friday, April 24, 2009


Today we were instructed to write
a 'travel-related' poem. What
popped into mind was a very
small journey I witnessed
yesterday as a momma-duck
crossed a busy road in front
of me with the teeniest little
ducklings I've ever seen.
So here goes...

Queen of the Road

she crosses: head high, chest out, back stiff,
she radiates confidence - you will yield right-of-way

behind her waddle seven, no, eight, tipsy-tiny ducklings,
barely bigger than the eggs they emerged from,

their quick, crooked steps revive a pale memory
of herding toddlers down a narrow-sidewalk,

as she reaches green-grass safety, she turns,
begins the parental counting-ritual, satisfied,

we heave relieved sighs, she lifts her beak,
looks me in the eye and bestows a royal nod,

I hear the un-quacked ‘you may now proceed’,
drive away, eyes glued to the rear-view mirror

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