Sunday, April 5, 2009


I lived in California for 20 years, and I loved it. I know that some of the things that get tried in California, seem a little crazy to the rest of the states, but I loved the fact that Californians were at least willing to try and solve problems in new ways, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

Today's prompt was to write about a landmark. One of the most important in my life was the Golden Gate Bridge. I crossed it many times in my car, and a few times on foot. I remember my very, very young daughter seeing a picture of it in a book and pointing excitedly, "Look Mommy, the Golden Gate Bridge." And who doesn't love the rainbow tunnel, as we called it.

Golden Gate

Majestic bridge, spans a Golden strait,
two land masses once separate, joined
by engineers and Bethlehem steel.
Eleven died, in it’s building, nineteen
were saved, the lucky ones falling only
halfway-to-hell before landing safely
in the net. Today, some see a symbol,
of hope, of liberty, passing under this bridge
to new lives, in a better place. To others,
the siren beckons, jump, jump into these
treacherous waves, leave your pain behind.
But, to me, the harp-stringed span rises
from the fog to call, home, come home

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