Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Work (again)

We had to write a 'work'
poem today... I started
with a little haiku to clear
the air, then did
a little imagining...


bane of existence,
dark cloud over life

The way you live now

what if you woke up before the alarm,
too excited about the new day to waste
even a minute, what if you could wear
your pajamas and bunny slippers as long
as you wanted, even all day, what if you
could decide to walk around the lake at
ten o’clock, or at noon, eat your lunch
at nine, or at two, what if you could
choose to work in the bedroom or on
the patio, or in front of the TV, and what
if you decided to quit for the day at three
or work straight through until midnight,
what if you were the one who decided
what to research, how much vacation
you could take, or if you should buckle
down, do the boring stuff today so you
could take that long weekend to go down
to the Keys, wouldn’t that be better than
the way you live now?

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