Sunday, April 12, 2009

so we decided to...

Today we had to fill in the blank in "so we decided to...",
make that the title and go from there... I liked this one.

So we decided to have a baby

high side of thirty, who cared
that we weren’t any kind of stable,
he, still fooling around in a rock band,
me, back to college –again– it didn’t
matter, we said, tick, tick and all that

harder than we thought, though
months passed, out came the thermometer,
the graph paper, sex on demand is not
as much fun, as you might think, but it
didn’t matter, we got it right eventually

olden days, didn’t have those sticks,
the ones you pee on to see if they
turn blue, but it didn’t matter, I knew
right away, a girl, thank God, never
did understand boys very well

still remember the night I told him,
you’re going to be a father, even bought
him a book, in case he wasn’t sure
what that meant, but it didn’t matter,
he was gone after that, never did

understand men very well, but we
managed to do it on our own, you
thriving all the way to grown, arriving
no more scarred than the rest of us,
me, so relieved it didn’t matter

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