Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today we were supposed to write an anger poem... didn't really feel that angry! took Harley for a walk around the lake and came up with this 'Toxic Sister' idea - can't say I love it - not sure it worked...Juliene said it did (thanks J) and by the way- I have no sister!

Toxic Sister

born first,
pageant pretty,
straight A student,
everybody’s best friend,
seemed like she effortlessly
rolled downhill while I painfully
trudged up,

no one saw me
saw the special in me,
outside the funny one, inside
rage-ravished, I couldn’t
help the secret stomach punches,
painful arm pinches, only now I
wonder, why didn’t she ever tell?

* * *

baby sister,
made everybody
laugh, scene-stealing
extrovert, seemed like
she got away with murder,
while I walked a net-less high-wire

watching me,
hoping for success?
Or rooting for failure?
Outside perfection, inside
confused by love, by hate, both
to me seemed unearned, pinched, punched,
nobody to tell

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