Friday, April 17, 2009

All I want is...

Yesterday's poem was so bad I didn't even post it! oh well, it happens - I got another good one that wasn't from a prompt...

Today's prompt was 'All I want is (fill in the blank)... I tried to go with a serious topic but it wouldn't write, so here is today's effort.

All I Want Is . .

. . A Foot Massage

you warm lotion between your palms
take my right foot in your lap and smooth
glycerine into my skin with long strokes
keeping your thumbs on the arch, up,
down, out with distress, in with a calm
not available from a pill or a bottle,
or an exercise high, no matter how many
miles I run (ok, walk), wiggle the toes,
each little piggy needs your admittedly
divided attention, pull, knead, neeeeeed . .
don’t stop! What about the other one?

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