Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fort Myers Beach Blues Festival

Who is this girl? Me (I know, hard to believe) and up until a couple of weeks ago, all I can remember about it is that it was taken at my friend Wendy's house in Sonoma County by her boyfriend at the time. I think it was about 1979.

Who is this? This is Wendy!! Wendy DeWitt! I saw an ad for the Fort Myers Beach Blues Festival and one of the featured performers was Wendy DeWitt - when I saw the picture and name it clicked. Wendy, my 'old' Wendy was Wendy DeWitt - I remember her hauling her Hammond organ to every gig.. those were the days. She still lives in the San Fran area and if you get a chance to see her your should - they call her the 'Queen of Boogie Woogie', and she definitely is... she does great Blues and Ragtime.. I really enjoyed her set - we only got to speak for a few minutes, but she reminded me that her old boyfriends name was Francis! so that's who took the picture! They were married for 17 years, but are now divorced.
You can see and hear her here...

I was very surprised that Wendy remembered me - (sorry I look so terrible, but we were out on the boat all morning and I basically was a sweaty mess, but didn't have time to clean up or I would have missed her set... Had fun - was very glad to run into her again and hope to get a chance to really catch up next time..

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