Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ryanne and 'Santa Claus'

OK - maybe not Santa Claus - It's just Ryanne and her Uncle Mark, my brother, whom she has not seen for almost twenty years. When we were in Madison, we drove out to Mount Horeb to have breakfast with him. He's a professor at UW- Platteville. I don't actually know what he teaches... Geo-something...

Ryanne and Mark's 'friend' Tomodachi. She is bi-lingual in English and Japanese. Mark sounds pretty good speaking Japanese - I guess he's had a number of Japanese students.


  1. i meant to comment on your note you left on my blog saying that this had been a difficult year for you. i always thought when i was younger (i'm 56 now) that once my kids were raised life would be so much simpler. it just doesn't seem that way at all. i'm not sure if it is harder due to age or if i just don't have the same coping skills. maybe if i was retired and had tons of leisure time? not sure. i lost my job in april 2008 so the past year and also the year before that have been hard for me as well. i've struggled with alot of things but am proud of how i've grown as a result. i hope things are better for you now. e-mail me if you'd like to talk more on this.

  2. Hi Kristy. You sure can join the inch by inch art on Tuesday. Welcome!! =)