Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend Ryanne and I went to Madison, WI to participate in the Madison Marathon. She did the half and I did the quarter - essentially a 10k -
I was raised in Monona, a suburb completely surrounded by Madison, so it was a chance to see the first house I lived in. This is it! It is on Kristy Circle - seeing as my name is Kristy, I like that. I talked to the owner for awhile. I was really surprised that it only had a one car garage - I didn't remember that. The new owner is planning to add on on that side to expand the garage. I thought the place looked pretty good for a 50+ year old place. I loved the huge oak trees. The whole area was full of these gorgeous, gian oaks.

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  1. how fun that must have been to go back and visit. did you have that feeling like it seemed smaller now that you're an adult? i am lucky that my parents still live in my family home. blessed!