Thursday, September 17, 2009

Letting Go

So the next phase after wavering is Letting Go.  So far that is easy for me.  I think I perfected it when I committed to my poetry group 10 years ago.  I guess I figured there was no point in writing if you were going to stand in your own way.  I'm sure I'll come up with new ways to have to let go as I wander down this writing path, but so far so good. 
I finished the rewrite of the ending of Old Man Watson and sent it to a friend for review (after it got my husband's blessing, that is)  Hopefully she will have a chance to look at it before I take it to Joyce's class in Fort Lauderdale next Monday.   I'd like to have it finished and sent out.  Old Man Watson has a Halloween-ish theme as well as boy characters.  I'm hoping both of those things add to it's appeal. 
I looked again at World's Best Dog Walker.  I still like it, it's a quick read, and it's fun.  There's not really any tension though... I guess I need to figure out how to up the stakes, Shelly is supposed to be earning money for a trip, but she ... Oh! I just had an idea! I wonder if I can make it work...bye.

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