Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joyce Sweeney Workshop #1

Monday I went over to fort Lauderdale to the first of a 4 session writing workshop put on by Joyce Sweeney.   It is being structured as 4 things you need to get published:  a good idea, good voice, a good plot and good structure.  We talked about how it's important not to just have 'an' idea, it has to be a good idea.    How do you know? If it's a being written as a memorial to someone, if it's been done too often, chasing a trend, TOO wierd, too quiet -pulling punches... a good idea has a good sound bite.
Joyce's theory is nobody knows that they are bad at ideas (I do) I'm still such an novice that I'm thrilled to have any idea at all.
Okay - other signs you have a bed idea - if you send your stuff out and your editor or agent says no, but requests something else by you.

The picture is one of a pair of eagles that live in our neighborhood. This morning the two of them were up in a tree that Harley and I passed by on our way home from getting Dale coffee.  Dale has been sick for three days, sleeping almost all the time, but just now we think he has turned a corner.  I guess we'll see in the morinng.  I wonder how many days until we find out if I'm going to get sick too.  We tried hard to make sure I wouldn't get it.  Elbow kisses... funny memory.

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