Friday, September 4, 2009


to update yesterday.  Sent the Looking for Lucky manuscript to Joyce Sweeney.  We are very curious to see what comes back.  Will she jus tell us to put a comma here, or take one out there? or will she say, this story has flaws here and here and you need to correct them before you send it out.  Who knows - I go back and forth on the story anyway.  Some days I hate it and somedays it think it's very good.  I thnk you just get sick of your work. 
Worked a little on my PB concept and read an Australian chapter book, which was funny because of the language... 'biscuits' = cookies, and going on holiday... there were lots more, but they escape me now. The book was called Being Bee by Catherine Bateson.  It was good... one of the adults had a mental illness which I hadn't seen in a book before.  I wonder if I should right about a child where the mother is depressed.  Wouldn't need much research for that!! haha..
Gotta Write.

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