Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I can't believe it's September

Time flies when you're having fun, and I am.  Today I read several children's books, since our internet connection was very iffy.   I got a response back from Joyce Sweeney.  She is willing to take a look at my chapter book manuscript.  So I will send it off as soon as I decide if I'm taking it to critique group on Saturday, or if I'm taking something else. 
I wrote two chapters of my next solo chapter book.  It's called 'The Ghost of Old Man Watson'.  I did write a brief plot for it, since 100% freewriting doesn't always work.  And I think that because I had plot, I had a much harder time getting started.  Maybe I shouldn't do the outline until I've gotten one or two chapters written. I can already see that it will need more rewriting than 'Lucky Tuesday'.  Anyway, Old Man Watson has a boy protagonist, so we'll see how well that works.  I feel more affinity with girls...
No response from Jill Corcoran, but I found out I should have written 'Query' in the subject line.  That wasn't in the submission instructions, but I found it in an old blog post of hers. So, who knows where it is, did it make it to her email or get directed to Spam?
Tomorrow I'm going to the library for a new load of books, and at 5PM Mary Ann and I are going to do a (hopefully) final rewrite of the last 4 chapters of Looking for Lucky or whatever we wind up calling it... Also need to write at least 3 more chapter of Ghost.

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  1. Good luck with your story! ill be keeping in touch to see how it goes!