Friday, June 26, 2009

Read Write Poem - #81

A photo prompt from Read, Write, Poem.

XX by nwolc

Thoughts on Sanford et al

he huddles in the wide-empty space, beneath
the broken tines of his shredded bumbershoot,

miniscule among the green sea grasses,
bewildered by his sudden, startling reduction

just yesterday he cartwheeled over the crowd,
tap-danced on a high-wire, a moral misstep,

now he sits, subtracted from the spectacle
of his adulation, converted from idol to ass


  1. Nicely done! I love the ending. You definitely made your way into the image.

    Make sure you leave a link on Read Write Poem this Thursday -- that's when we post the Get Your Poem On post for this piece. That way, everyone will see your link and stop by to read your work.

  2. How interesting to discover you are also Tumblewords, and these blogs seem so different. This was a good read, much longer than your usual. I'm trying to figure out if the poem stands w/o the image, but it's not possible - having seen the image. It is a great verbal representation, and affixing it all to Sanford, et al is a very nice touch.

  3. Laughing about the above comment - how can we fix this? I really enjoyed this read - how true it is...Another example of brain failure.

  4. I think it's a case of selective reading on my part, and putting two and two together to equal five. I was surprised at how different the styles were. Dummy me. But now I have two poets to check in on.

  5. I am fascinated by how people all look at the same thing and come away with totally different takes.

    Yours was fun to read. You also get style points for using bumbershoot! Love that word.

  6. Wonderful work! I love "startling reduction," and that last line is amazing.

  7. Converted from idol to ass...

  8. "Sanford et al" indeed - this scene is playing itself out all too often these days. Too many making a "moral misstep." Well done.

  9. oh, I love the words you chose--such fantastic sounds!

    like this: subtracted from the spectacle

    love it!

  10. very nice......and I also really liked the ending