Saturday, June 27, 2009

Naples Zoo

Well, in all the time we've lived here, we've never been to the Naples Zoo. Since Dale can't golf this weekend, and we wanted to take some pictures with the new camera, we decided today was the day. Dale said his expectations were zero, so he wasn't disappointed. I was kind of disappointed, it's no fun to go to the zoo and not see the animals - some were behind so much fence you could't get a picture. It was hot and many were sleeping - so it was kind of expensive for what you got.. ($20 each). But...

I did catch these two guys in a very friendly, grooming moment - can't you just here the red one saying "a little more to the left, lower, lower!! Ah, that feels good!"

And then there were the twins... this was just before the wind changed, blowing the mister-water onto the bird on the right, who moved left until it was shoving the left bird practically off the perch... this resulted in a bird fight. They were still going at it when we walked on.

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  1. love the vibrancy of those birds. i love the zoo. we must plan a trip with the grandkids!