Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TWW - hostile, folly, ordinary

A little truth

hard to pick a specific folly
from a life so long and twisted

what seemed like an ordinary road
a straight shot from birth to death

met hostile forces early and often
learned to jump, turn, retreat,

as we all do, why do parents pretend
it’s easy, hovering over the young

building a false sense of promise,
you can do anything you dream of

when perhaps a little more character
building would serve them better

a little honesty, here’s how to recover
when it all goes wrong, and it will


  1. OK, a bit depressing, but the honesty is important. I think it is up to the parent - and I'm glad my parents were straight-shooters - to tell you that life isn't fair and it would be messy and learn how to deal with the disappointment. I really liked this.

  2. Phew, you're not wrong, things really do go wrong, sometimes!

  3. Exactly said. If anything can go wrong, it will. Yes, indeed. Exactly said.

  4. Those things that go wrong usually teach us the most.

  5. Nowadays we molly coddle kids too much. It doesn't prepare the young to face life head-on!

    Liked this a lot..

    mirror cracked from side to side

  6. honesty goes a long way, particularly when it is not expected.

  7. very well-said! i had a pretty sheltered childhood but also great role models in my parents. when my 9-year marriage shattered and left me with 2 toddlers to raise by myself i was able to draw on my mom's example of "never crying over spilled milk" allowing me to pick up the pieces and move on. i find these financial times while in my fifties much more challenging!