Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bucket List

Some things on my bucket list (in no particular order)
1. go parasailing
2. see the aurora borealis
3. swim with a dolphin (DONE)
4. publish a novel
5. live on the water (DONE)
6. go whitewater rafting (DONE)
7. go up in a hot air balloon
8. go kayaking in the fjords of Norway
9. hold my grandchild
10. Make a hole in one (DONE)
11. See a broadway show
12. Go up in the Empire State Building (DONE)
13. Go up in the Statue of Liberty
14. Do a mini-triathlon (DONE)
15. Do a half-marathon (DONE)
16. Learn to juggle
17. Volunteer in a foreign country for a month
18. attend a Spanish immersion program in Mexico until I can speak the language
19. Cruise to Alaska (DONE)
20. Go to Disney World (DONE)
21. Visit London (DONE)
22. Visit Paris
23. See the Grand Canyon (DONE)
24. Go to Hawaii (DONE)
25. Be in a band (DONE)

Looking at the list (and this is just a starter list) I'm surprised at how much I've already done. About half, a little more, which makes sense when you figure I'm a little more than half-way to 100! I think I'll work on this some more. It's good to see what you've already done, instead of only thinking of what you haven't.

1 comment:

  1. my.. you're really blessed for being able to do what you already did.. sometimes i envy people who are able to travel but I just think to myself that may be I will too. Soon I hope. I also want to volunteer but not for a foreign country, I know that there are many people here that needs my help.

    I pray that you'll accomplish all that your heart desires.

    Take care!