Friday, June 26, 2009


This is my baby-boy, Harley, he's a Sheltie. He loves to play frisbee. Every night at the same time he let's us know it is time to go out, and the longing in his eyes is more convincing than any words could be. I hate to let him down!
Then later at night (now) he brings a variety of toys over for a game of tug. He's really smart about his toys. If you tell him to get the monkey, he'll bring you the monkey, not the dolphin.
He likes fruit and carrots. If you have an apple, grapes, even raspberries, he wants you to share. It's pretty funny to watch him eat a grape. It's round and slippery and doesn't feel right, but he's got experience and knows it will be good on the inside, so he plays with it and finally bites.

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  1. he's a cutie!! i had a dog once who loved green beans but never fruit! he IS one smart dog!