Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breakthrough Moment

Today I finished an art project that I almost really like! This is a first! I got some new 'mulberry' paper, which I'd never seen before and it is very cool to work with, then the bird was made from a Thanksgiving card I got from my daughter, see how the eye is a little bird? I thought that was neat. The hand didn't turn out that well, too many layers, too dimensional, but I learned...

The very best thing about this little art project was that it was inspired by my own latest poem! Another first - how nice is it to be able to inspire yourself?! That never happened before and it definitely feels like turning some kind of 'creative' corner... anyway, I had lot's of fun with all of this...

the problem

with happiness
is that happiness floats
like soap bubbles, so fragile
you don’t dare grab, or grasp, only
put out a finger and hope happiness
chooses to perch there

once blessed
don’t move, don’t
try to wrap yourself around it,
you mustn’t cling, or clasp, only
open yourself, let it rise into you
like the sun


  1. Hey...LOVE the art! Wow! =) And your poems are really good. Have a great day!

  2. love the collage/artwork, I love that you re-use a card from your daughter, the poem goes very well with the artwork

  3. Cool collage. Keep it up. nice poem too.