Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project Linus

I went to a meething yesterday where the agencies who use the Project Linus blankets got up and told us a little bit about how they get used. I found out that last year, just in this area people made 2,024 blankets for Project Linus - during the life of Project Linus almost 17,000 blankets have been made and donated here! That's a lot of blankets - and what happens to them? Well, they mostly get used at the Children's Hospital - apparently children who get them bring often bring them back when they come to the hospital again. We were told about one girl who has beaten leukemia into remission 3 times. She was given a blanket and each time she lost and regained her hair she used the bandanas she wore to enlarge her blanket - she want to grow up and be a Project Linus 'Blanketeer' - Blanketeer! I like that! Makes me feel 'Disney'.

The police department also uses the blankets, and ACT (Abuse Counseling and Treatment) use quite a few. They also get used by the American Lung Assoc who run a Paul Newman camp in the Orlando area called Camp Boggy Creek, which is a summer camp for very ill children. The man who talked about that also talked about the volunteers who work at the camp - he called them 'shiny' people, people whose spirits are so clear and giving I guess. I suppose we've all met a few 'shiny' people... I wonder if you are born 'shiny' or if you 'get' shiny? hmmmm

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