Friday, February 6, 2009

Which traveler are you?

I got this from a website called Writing Fuel, and I just loved it. Don't you?

A traveler came to the gates of a new city and asked the gatekeeper, "What kind of people live here?" The gatekeeper answered with a question of his own, "What kind of people lived in the city you just came from?" The traveler replied, "They were mostly a cantankerous lot, greedy and self-centered." The gatekeeper answered, "I expect you will find the people here just the same."

Soon after, another traveler met the gatekeeper and asked the same question. Again the gatekeeper asked, "How did you find the residents of the city you visited last?" The traveler answered enthusiastically, "They were warm and hospitable; truly a fine group of people." The gatekeeper responded, "I expect you will find these folk just the same."

-Christina Feldman, The Buddhist Path to Simplicity

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