Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seen Milk?

I lived in northern California in the late 1970's, but I was not into politics. Still, I remember the shock of the Milk/Moscone assassinations. Today I lived it much more up close and personal than when it happened the first time. The movie was good - really good - a little more 'gay' than I was comfortable with, but after all - that is the story. It made me proud of California. And I'd forgotten about Anita Bryant, but after seeing the movie I remember I was shocked by her 'Christian' attitude. Honestly, I sometimes think there is noone LESS Christian than a fundamentalist, conservative Christian.

Sean Penn was great, as always - I'm sure the role will make him a real contender at the Oscars - So far I've hit 3 of the best picture nominees, and so far I'm rooting for Slumdog Millionaire - next weekend I'll hit Frost/Nixon, another piece of history I lived, but was too young and apolitical to understand.


  1. i've not seen this movie yet but am looking forward to it. sometimes i wonder what i was doing in my youth as i feel i missed out on so much of the history in-the-making. or maybe my memory is just shot. hee hee

  2. You were probably raising kids!! I know I missed an entire decade when my daughter was little...