Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Three

Today I finished the first draft of the chapter book I started three days ago.  The name of the book is 'Lucky Tuesday'.  It's about a young girl named Tuesday who has some bad luck on the first day of school.  When her Aunt Lydia brings her a lucky stone, her life turns around, until the stone gets lost.  Tuesday works to try and regain her luck.  When she finds that Aunt Lydia and her lucky stone may not be quite what she thought they were... well, I hope that someday you can find out what happens when you see Lucky Tuesday on the bookshelves of your local bookstore!
Meanwhile, it is time to put a few days between myself and this story.  Then I'll take it to my critique group next Saturday... and then, on to the next one.  Write, write, write.

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  1. What fun! I wish you the very best...surely if anyone can do it, you can!