Monday, July 27, 2009

Ziplining in Idaho

So, during my Idaho vacation I went ziplining outside of Horshoe Bend. Of course, this was purely research for the current book Mary Ann and I were writing (Zip!) for the 3rd-4th grade market - but it was still pretty fun. These guys were our 'guides'. I think their names were Mike and Kip. 100% safety conscious, fun guys.

There were two kinds of ziplining. One was from tower-in-a-tree to tower-in-a-tree. these runs were short and for me, not that much fun. But at the end, there were the long-distance pole-to-pole runs. This run (Wild Turkey?) was 1700 yards long. The landing area is a brown patch in the middle of the photo. You can barely see it.

Here I am in front of 'Double Trouble' where two zipliners could go at once. I understand that depending on weather you go up to 45 miles per hour. It was a lot of fun, but needed a chair lift so you could go back and do it again and again. 4 short tree runs and 2 long rides wasn't all that much for $75, at least not for me. You can spend all day at Disney for less....

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  1. i'm not crazy about heights but that does look like fun!! you are so cute all rigged up to zip!