Wednesday, July 8, 2009

TWW - kneel, transparent, gloom

You know the drill - make a poem using the 3 words from the Three Word Wednesday prompt... transparent was hard for me to fit in...


don’t kneel in the shadow
praying for sunshine

where there is darkness
there must also be light

gloom begets gloom,
get up, choose a direction,

any road will take you
somewhere else

don’t kneel at the window
peering through,

the way is transparent,
just move


  1. Simple, and simply great, like Noah says. And yes, if people would just move...

  2. so nice, kristy! you did a great job. i feel that way some days -- wanting to just hide in the shadows and be invisible. then some song on the radio or a bit of color in my art room or a phrase read in a book will kick my butt into gear.

    thanks for the reminder to move!!

  3. Moving is good for the soul! And for cobweb reduction, as well! Good reminder.

  4. It sounds like something I would read in a religious or theological work. So very sound and basic thoughts here.

    Nice write.

  5. Ooh, I really like that. Sounds like a mantra.

  6. Wonderful advice. One doesn't change things without action.

  7. uplifting and inspirational. carpe diem!

  8. Kristy, you do a fantastic job here! Wow!