Thursday, July 2, 2009

Duck Walk

Today we were supposed to write in the style of another poet. I'm not very familiar with the style of other poets, but Billy Collins is my favorite poet. If you would like to hear him read one of his poems (and be blown away) try this link: Meanwhile, here is my poem of the day. Enjoy....

Duck Walk

as we strolled before sunrise,
chattering in three-quarter time,
a Mallard couple waltzed across our path,

we stood, silenced by our desire
to avoid trespassing on their moment,
when, behind us, the rising sun

cast it’s light over us, like some
enormous flashlight wielded
by God’s security guard, creating

cold shadows over the dancing ducks,
and the one I took for mister, lost
his footing, stumbled into miss.

Did you see the look he threw me
before he ran across the grass
to plop into the pond, leaving

his date suddenly alone,
of course she squawked about it,
but she followed his lead, taking

her time, tail-feathers flouncing
in her best “I’m not afraid of you” walk,
wading gently into the water,

paddling away from him, and he,
forced to follow instead of lead,
dipped his beak beneath the water

tipping ass-end-up, a fowl gesture
we soon forgot in the yellow wash
of dawn’s early light


  1. you really have a gift for this, kristy! i could see it happening in my mind as i read your words and smiled at the fun images! i enjoyed it very much. have a great weekend.