Friday, July 3, 2009

Blue Ribbons

My friend Yvonne (the one with the 10 chihuahuas) has another unusual habit, she enters things in the county fairs around her area. During her last visit we came up with the idea of dressing several of her dogs in 'Harley' outfits so they could masquerade as a 'biker gang' (barker gang?) for a Halloween costume contest she enters. Well, Yvonne took the costumes and entered them in the Marin County fair and tada! they won a blue ribbon!
She also enter my 'alchemy' poem and it won a blue ribbon too! This was a Three Word Wednesday prompt - this is a fun prompt to try if you like to play with words. I have quite a collection of these fair ribbons now, and I'm planning to use them in a 'craft' soon.

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  1. Kristy, thanks for your compliments on my most recent bird collage, it will be in Melbourne for you to see in person. I am flattered that you like it! the drip background is something I am experimenting with lately, the idea of leaving some of the under-painting to show through, and some pencil lines. I like the effect! Please introduce yourself in Melbourne. I won't be at the opening as my sister is getting married, but I will be at the "You Call This Art" talk and demo.