Monday, December 27, 2010

Michael's Gift Card

It's all Brent's fault!

My husband's brother, tired of the annual bookstore gift card, branched out and got me a Michael's gift card this year.  Naturally I went right out and spent it the day after Christmas. 

Having made a couple of dozen of the same exact baby blanket over the last year, I felt the need to branch out myself.  So, (Yvonne) I got a book on making dog sweaters.  (Stylish Knits for Dogs by Ilene Hochberg) And, (Ryanne) I got a book on baby beanies (Baby Beanies by Amanda Keeys).  I also got circular needles in baby hat size and some (adorable) yarn to work with.  Nothing fancy, all washable, of course.  (Who in their right mind would knit for kids or dogs in non-washable yarn)?  Then I went straight home and made one of each.  

I have no idea whether either one will fit, since both the dog and baby are 3000 miles away!  (The dog's chew toy does not make a very good model)  Anyway, I had fun, am working on another hat and will send all these off for feedback.  The good news is that I can already see how some of the stuff from the baby hat book can be used to snazz-up the dog sweaters!   New Year fun...

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