Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The fun continues...

So, once I got started I couldn't stop. At first it was about knitting something new, but these things are so small! You can finish one in a day... and of course it opens up a whole new world of embellishment possibilities.

I'm hoping that I can learn a little bit of crochet so I can make stars and flowers and things to 'pretty up' my creations.  So I got a book (I always go to a book first) called Crochet Flowers for Every Wear by Kooler Design.  I bought a crochet hook and assumed I could teach myself, but my first attempt ws NOT a success.  I gave up and went with a knit flower instead (which was also a brand new thing to me).
So today I made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up more crochet hooks (I decided that the hook I had was too small and that's why I was having so much trouble) and while I was there, I saw this doll with a giant head and thought she'd be a perfect hat model.  (OK, I realize that is a little wierd)  and then of course I had to go find something closer to the right size to model the dog clothes (getting a little wierder).
The hat above was too big around, and funny thing is, I knew it when I cast it on, but since I was just beginning I went with the pattern.  Anyway, I wound up taking a couple of tucks in the the ribbed brow. Which was probably about 8 stitches worth - next time I'll adjust what I cast on.  I wlso thought the yarn was a little 'stiff'.  Might try it with another kind next time.

The dog sweater definitely had a problem with where the dog's leg holes went.  I had to take it apart and move them.. This is an ongoing problem with this pattern method.  But now that I know about it, I can make the adjustment, no problem.

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