Thursday, January 29, 2009

Work sucks!

OK - maybe it's just temporary, but it has not been a good couple of days. I find myself in a 'punch-in' kind of job for only the second time in my life and I am not a 'punch-in' kind of girl. Yesterday I walked in and was a few minutes early so I started looking at a paper and the next thing you know it was past 'punch-in' time... shit... I had to email my time clock manager, the boss and the HR lady to get it fixed. Of course there was a meeting and a penalty involved. Yuck... I have now programmed Outlook reminders and attached a large yellow sticky note to my monitor, but who knows.. even that may not work...Does punching a time clock mean they get their money's worth? Not really, they'd get more 'free' time if I didn't have to punch it... oh well, they don't get it.

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