Friday, February 26, 2010

Woven Hearts

Although an my body was screaming for an art project, I couldn't think of anything that matched my minimal skills... then, while perusing some of my favorite sites, I got an idea.  Since I don't really understand color much, why not use paper that's already 'designed'.  So I pulled pages out of my current Oprah mag and made these woven hearts! One from each page (well, sometimes I used two separate pages.  I have no idea what to do with them, maybe they'd make nice cards. I really just consider them color training.  I'll keep them around to remind me what goes with what...

I like the script text on this one.

I like these golden colors against this blue.

I like the the silhouette bits in this one.  One page is an add for crackers.

This makes me think of tomatoes.  It's made of a page of Oprah cleaning out her closet and holding a pile of shoes.
Pretty with pink.
Tried something else with this one... modge-podged purple bits to make a background.  The gold is a pile of Christmas presents, the purple is a dark snow scene. It works.
This was a bunch of fruit with text beneath.. I like the text mixed in...

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  1. Clever you! These are terrific, colorful and charming. What fun....