Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our House

View from living room deck

living room deck

living room to kitchen to guest room from deck

living room fireplace

little kitchen

teeny bathroom

guest room / sewing room

guest / sewing / piano room

tiny laundry area

Dale working in his office

the other half of Dale's office

master bedroom

master sink area, Dale's closet, door to shower area then door to my closet

looking down into the living room from the 'hole' in the master bedroom

view from deck off master bedroom

North from/including master deck

south from / including master deck


skinny front of townhouse (with newly clean dog)

we are the middle column

long skinny garage

our new boat! (haha)
To put this in persepective, see the person at the rear of the boat.  We figure it's about 120 feet long.  It's docked in a canal across the street, and I discovered it while kayaking on Sunday. 

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