Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boise - Little Bits of Odd

These birdhouses decorate a dead tree in a 'stone' yard on State Street.  I think it is extremely cool, and it looks like the birds do too.

Well, I wasn't expecting a yard full of flamingoes, but that's what I saw in front of a nursery on State St. in Boise.  The blue and orange are not doubt Bronco's fans.   Apparently you can rent the flamingoes... Tracy tells me her kids had 47 of them set on her lawn for her 47th birthday! Now that's different...

This big, ugly guy was spotted outside Tracy's kitchen window at dusk.  We 'misted' the web so that it would show up in the pictures.  Didn't faze the spider one bit.  Can't tell what kind he is, I only hope he's not poisonous to humans, and that none of his relatives live in the house!

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