Friday, January 22, 2010

Goal Met

Last year I decided to blog for a year... goal met.  Most of what I wrote was only interesting to me, however, I was fascinated to find out how much support there is in the blogosphere for creative endeavors, regardless of quality.  That was really nice.  And addicting.  
2010 is a new year.  I find the writing that fascinated me in 2009 is less interesting.  What fascinates me more now is the nonconformance, simplifying my life and creative endeavors that are not done with anybody's needs in mind but mine.
Soon I will have a new grandbaby, and I will live 2800 miles away from her, to say nothing of being so far from my daughter.   Something will have to happen in that area.
For now, I am still in Boise, waiting, waiting, and I miss my husband, my home, my dog....
What I write here is not interesting, but check out my links... there are really some great sites there. 

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