Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 'Randy Wayne White' challenge!

We went to our third Randy Wayne White book signing at the Sanibel Book Store last Thursday (whoa!! that was a week ago already) Anyway, he was late (as always) and told funny stories (as always) but this year he talked about how all readers are writers and how anyone who has lived to be 50 has at least a couple of novels in him or her... That got me thinking, why haven't I published a novel yet? So while I was waiting in line I was mulling that over.
When I got to the front of the line I told Mr. White, Randy that I should be signing my book for him! We talked about writing for a few minutes, and he wrote 'Keep Writing' in my book -
Since Sanibel Book Store said that they would sell my book, they like having local authors, there's really not much excuse for not doing it - so I have set myself the challenge of having my book in the store before I go to another book signing. I thought I might write a whole other book, but then decided to use the one I have - People like it, even if it's not exactly 'art'. So I am cleaning it up, getting it an ISBN number, a new cover, probably a new title... fun!

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